Seal Blind Cleaning have provided Australia with a complete range of blinds and blind cleaning, repairs & fitting services for 15 years. Our highly skilled blind cleaners and repairers are trained to provide the solutions
you need and the quality you deserve.

Steve’s, not too small to take on the big jobs and not too big to take on the small jobs!

Blinds can get damaged in all sorts of ways over their lifetime, from damage caused by people (or pets) to environmental wear and tear. Very few blinds are ‘beyond repair’ and you’ll be amazed at what we can do with a broken blind – restoring it to ‘as good as new’ condition and giving you a huge saving over the cost of replacing your blind!

  • We can repair, re-cord and re-ladder your venetian blinds
  • Tilting mechanisms and locking units can be repaired or replaced (often on site to create minimum disruption)

The price of repairs depends on the extent of the work that needs to be carried out and the replacement parts that need to be provided but we can guarantee that our service is great value with prices that are reasonable and fair. We’ll always tell you what you’re going to pay before you agree to have the work done, with all costs included up front!

Call Us Before Buying New Blinds We can repair or fit any type and make of blind, Horizontal or Venetians, Vertical , Holland and Roman Blinds, unless they are old and discontinued. If you have broken old good quality blinds, do not hurry to replace them. Call us first!


We clean and repair all types of blinds including venetians,verticals,hollands and roman blinds.If blinds cannot be repaired then a replacement service is also available.

Restore the look of your Venetian blinds quickly and cost effectively.

  • We remove dust, dirt, grease, smoke residue, nicotine and any other particles on the blinds.
  • Anti-static solution is applied to reduce future dust build up.
  • Following the wash, wax and anti-static application, the blinds will be rinsed to remove any residual cleaning agents.
  • The blinds are then reinstalled in their correct position and left open to complete the drying process.
  • We clean your timber blinds onsite.
  • Experienced technicians will gently clean all dust and grime from the blinds, ensuring the integrity of the surface is maintained.
  • A specially formulated natural oil and colour enhancer is applied by hand to every surface
  • The surfaces are hand polished at the same time, removing any excess oils not absorbed by the wood.

Our materials are of the highest quality available. We will re-skin your original fabric as close as possible or you can choose a new fabric.

  • Fitting new cords and/or cord lock mechanisms
  • Replacing tilting mechanism
  • Replacing wands and hooks
  • Replacing tapes / ladders
  • Cord replacement
  • Replacement of support rings and guide rings
  • Stitching of bottom hem
  • ​Replacement of cord knobs