Seal Blind Cleaning is operational and into the business for above 15 years.
We only believe in providing the best and the quality service for blinds
repairing, cleaning, replacement and maintenance etc. Steve who owned the
business believes in customers satisfaction and their happiness.

Seal Blind Cleaning has extensive industry experience in supplying all sorts
of blinds repairing, cleaning, replacement, maintenance offering beautiful
and practical solutions to suit all budgets for residential and commercial
environments. In addition we have extensive other industries experience and
excellent blinds and curtains to suit any situation.

We Can Save You Money

It is a good chance we can fix it and help you save some money. Seal Blind
Cleaning can repair window blinds and coverings made of Cloth, Fabric,
Metal, Vinyl, Wood and Timber. Most repairs can be done on-site and on the
same day, so we don’t need to take them away.

Seal Blind Cleaning provides blinds cleaning & blinds repairing services in Canberra,Nicholls,ACT with our local blind cleaners & blinds repairs experts .